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Mike M. - Art Director, New York

I looked through at least 10 similar products before we decided to purchase this one. The features are great, it’s easy to use and you can’t beat this price. Plus, you only pay it once and use it forever.

Wayne G. - Publisher, California

We publish a magazine quarterly Plus, we also publish hundreds of factory brochures on our site for customers to have a central depository of information. Last month, Our Magazine required a video and a full double truck ad replacement. FLIPit123 handled the changes in minutes while the publication was live! Wow! Great Job FLIPit123!

Tim O. - Publisher, Colorado

We publish brochures magazines and special designs using the FLIPit123 software. We have been a customer for several years and love the product and the many updates FLIPit123 offers!

Doug S. - Publisher, Texas

I have been a user of the FLIPit123 product from the beginning. It's helped our business grow with the changing times of offering our customers the ability to put their designed products on the internet!